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But with the birth of digital products and the internet, one thing has changed, and that is the explosion of e Books.With Amazon, Kindle e Books have become a booming business, and writers of all types are creating a name for themselves, and making a nice income.All applications need to be signed with a cryptographic key that expires after October 22, 2033.The maximum size for an APK published on Google Play is 100MB.They will be displayed on an application’s details page in Google Play.

It is only used by Google Play, and does not replace the application launcher icon.To publish applications on Google play, it is necessary to have a publisher account.To sign up for a publisher account follow these steps: To effectively promote and advertise an application on Google Play, Google allows developers to submit promotional assets such as screenshots, graphics, and video to be submitted.Google Play will then use those assets to advertise and promote the application. Each launcher icon should be a 32-bit PNG with an alpha channel for transparency.An application should have icons for all of the generalized screen densities as outlined in the list below: Launcher icons are the first things that a user will see of applications on Google Play, so care should be taken to make the launcher icons visually appealing and meaningful.

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Before the Dark Ages, the industrial revolution, the birth of technology, and even the internet — we had books.