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Posted by / 02-Jul-2017 15:08

Then I found this one: https://microsoft.com/dgoldman/2008/10/01/understanding-why-error-code-0x8004010f-is-thro.... While that one looks promising, it doesn't go beyond Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007, and sticks to using the Public Folders for storing the OAB.

From what I read Exchange 2013 doesn't support the Public Folders OAB anymore (not to mention we don't use Public Folders at all), so the document seems somewhat useless.

Anyone not using cached mode can find the user in the GAL.

When using cached mode however, that user disappears, unless the user specifically changes the addressbook to 'all users'.

- While for 20, and not 2013, it refers to the proxy preventing access to the Exchange server directly.

No blatent errors jumping out at me, and Outlook can create profiles for new users and run the OOt O settings just fine, so the configuration on that end seems sound too.

I'm pretty sure Outlook 2013 is trying to get at the OAB, but may refer to the wrong URL for whatever reason.

Even if I completely disable the proxy from use, the error still occurs.

So I'm pretty sure that this can be ruled out as a cause.

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