National statistics about sexual violence on college campuses

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National statistics about sexual violence on college campuses

A "definitional problem" in universities' descriptions of sexual violence makes it difficult to know what can be learned from the newly released data on crime at institutions of higher learning, the president of a conservative women's organization told the ."When one person or school says ‘rape' or ‘sexual assault,' it may be referring to something different than when someone else says it, so we aren't comparing apples to apples," said Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum, about the annual security reports universities release yearly on Oct.Neglecting the fact that these citizens (age 21 and older in most cases) already carry elsewhere and are trusted with that ability, as well as the fact that citizens are not required to perfect their skill in self-defense before exercising the right to self-defense, we present documented incidents of successful student self-defense.While crime on a campus may be rarer than in the rest of America, it still happens.There are multiple difficulties to compiling and sourcing accurate tallies of crimes committed on college campuses.

There are two reasons to allow licensed carrying concealed carry of deadly weapons on a college campus.The first is a legal entitlement to self-defense which holds true in the countless other locations within a given state, without the need to demonstrate a need for self-defense.The second reason is the actual need for self-defense.According to Lukas, these divergences and the subjectivity of the term "consent" can be misleading to the public."For example, to some people consent is impossible when intoxicated, but not everyone," said Lukas. She noted that when she and others question that assertion, they are often accused of not taking sexual violence against women seriously. "We are demanding that a serious problem be treated seriously, and that starts with defining the problem correctly." A review of the security reports of 30 universities revealed a spread of zero to well over two dozen incidences of rape on a given campus in 2016.

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1, as federally mandated under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Statistics Act.

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