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Instant xtracy dawn burns stuart sex date

It is out beedfal to enumerate tbow who have bi'gu D to clear out tbe faandationa, and reveal tbe framework o C the fabric oo which •or social inatitntions are constructed ; but it would be un- lardoaa Uo not to rdcr to the noble work undertaken by tbe fioottiab Burgb Becorda Society, and its indc&tig&blc Secretory, James D. and Kdox prcnclicd his first public ijoriuou tlierc.

Morwick, Esq., Town Clerk of Ediubiugfa, and Clerk to tbe Convention of tbe Koyal Um^^ of Scotland, in this toleres Aing cause ; and to tle solid progrtss already made in the publication of the Burgh Records, and abto of the Iti XH^rds of tbe Coorvntion of tbe Boyol Burglis. In the opening ycur of the statutes, the citizens of Dundee as- Bist«d the aiixiliaiy Freach troops to tsko Bronghty Cos Uo anj l Ulrillo Fort from the Eu^l Lih. i Hill Iif burton, wlio hud le town aoon became oue of the strongholds of tlie l U'ibi^ nuition.

1 bad then no ubjuet in view beyond the gratification of my own curiosity and antifiuttriuu or arehseological tastes. In 1651 about 100 nssek belonged to the port, of which 60 were taken in the har- boar at the storming ot the town by Monk. and get lime t*) arrange for the payment oi' their o Migatiorut.

As the enquiry pmceeded, I met with so much that threw light on tlie Corporations in ancient times, and so many details possessing general interest, that I resolved to put the information I had acquired into definite shape, and now am induced to publish it. From these parbcol Bra, and from others which mij^t have been adduced, it appears that at the time when many of these ■tatoteswere enacted &e town wasrelativelyof even greatetimport- •nce than it is at the present time, as it was then the second city in the kingdom, while now it only takes the third rank in Bcotlaod. BUBOH LAWS ■NJICTED AT THB -HEAD COURTS, COVr OSBD OF TBB PROVOST, MAGISTRATES, DEAN OF GUILD, AND TOWN COUNCIL AND OF THE NINE DEACONS OF TRADES. The several sedemnts of the Head Courts oommetice with and place of meeting, the oame B of the Frovo Bt and Bailies, and the date on which tiie court was held, &c., geoerally in Latin. JTie Council still continued greatly eniliarriuwed, the common good of the town being insufncient to meet their ordinary ami necessary expenses.

nic Guildry and Crafts in the priuci|)al Royal Burghs ia Scotland framed Statu U's for their guidance in early times, second only in im]ortaucc to the Burgh Laws. 13 the f M of rash wliill miclinlmsii And Ihat na flctcltor bring flmh ileid Ed pot or myro nor any neknes vn luiid skipper And tlw Dcau of Gitd to direct hia factor to louive Tlic lioly bloodc silver vnt and wont for et Uering 0/ Sciippin— Item, it is Btatnt & onlanit yat ill itnuig fikipp M r Mortiimi to ye port and pcir of tliis brugh (With ony sorta of goodi; or mi TChaodisc yat gif ony schipina w» eder noonti to put yaire tntree on ye u«xt momo bcforu n praoait and bai Uien in oppen court, and what shippi A arrywe s uta* an avcbt bouros before noone to put ye cntrea yst day in [ Allien court bcfbrye proneitt or bai Uiefl witltout ditferenoe or [ eojr further delay, and yat na person within yin brugh attempt Id nmk bufnuiuo pcivat Ue with an^ dtnuigc man ttetbir hia entns be wntien iu ye towns buikis nor zct cftcr ye cotrea ontil liocno G be giwim be yo provest and bellies and coutu R-U Modo- yc potne m xx lib to ye conunon work to be rptoken ofye b m oafp t mo T nnforgiwen Amita U Portagv — And yat all portage bo giwen vp in judg- I BMot to be disponed at y« will ofyocouniell with ye rest of ye gnidea prindpall andvr ye paine of con Bacotion n jiryces i]rt)y the at^t^s nnd staluts may be obsenit biim I kcppet yt the persones whilk refuses to doe the samiuc b Ik JI be exi Xillit fra malt buying and wheat luiyiug for zear and d»y and tiiir aclea to bo imblick in the toolbooth and to have the force and strt'nght of aue decreet I i BUKUII LAWIi. ISBL 15 Amntnt the Com Mon Clerk — It is trtatnl, & ordunit tic tti« IVOTBBt ba QUcfl & fionnwll j&l frn this furtli ynt n» westn Rail le fnn-iti wtin this bragh 1» qtsomcver baillio Dmirof wlont tho mmmua ck-rk Iw prerf at the gerinp thairof with twn nycbtboiirs uvl an« smmnd And albeit thcr be uthers notara prre' at the pring of the od vvasin ther Inetramcntd shall have no faith nor rti VD^h wiiljout tlii; famine be eignit and fnibscn-vit be Itiuir common clerk fonaid »nd that ane Ki^'istor Buik be miiiif «nd all thf raid sauiiifl minutit and ro Uit thairin the daj kat inoiieth and Infiirtiou the names of t Jio rancnat B tho bsilhe the r«Rarcr nf thf; (csing th« land or unmiull u Fsifnut bo the btind R and i-Mi! Mc Mt of Hw Uagutnitce elected in 1714 liud vtronfi Jacobite trndende*. WIiod Uw Cheralter eobsed the town on Frida;^ Uie 6th Januaiy, 1716, be was jo Toiu Iy wdoomed by tlto Magisiratcs and many of the tobabtlantn. Although this was tbu ca«c )-Dt th« n MTchmnls, pvwid of t]ieir hi»lt LT po^ti^m in tlio t Kicii U ecu Io than tnuhsiunu, kej^t somewhat aloof from, and did not mingle fnaly with, tbe men who earned their hmul hy tho labour uf tivar bands. of their several cnlliii^ brought ibem o A«o togethor aa buyers or sellers, and their mntuul and '■«™"*"" intarcst in tho mtcgrily and prosperity of the towii eooe Mitat«.-d their mectiag frequently about thoir common o Airo.

Those Laws and Statutes were so closely allied, and eo kindred tn their nature and object, that they might all with propriety be called r RXTACS. The Litws ven cnacied hy the Magutratoi and ODondl for the govcnunent of the citizcus froncrallj ; snd Uu Sta Sntoi were framed by, and more xpeciall)' udap U'd for, the Oafl J Brethren and Oraftsroen, with the consent and concurrence of ttw laid Magistiates. i(f«Bt ll)« l(9t tt wittnc Ksc A R)t fo FHiiid 18 And thflt all T«stt- raa Dialbi p B«ud fiirth of this realine vndc T tltf cnmmoa and I Kcrvta sn Un anidntinnc H of nomnion nistomc landu or mill U I cm Anni Uion M ooo Benta of fewee bo Regrat in like maner in ^^^B ft Tfl JANITART. After the flight of the rt'ljcls from Sheriffmour, tlweuue of the Pn.-Ic-u(li. Thu fluke of Ai^lt, who was in comnuind o( the royal Army, pursued th« fuguives llirough Perth, DDnd«e, ic. The onv c Iass va» us OLtxnt Ary to tli« wellbdng of the citr aa tlto otlier, eanti being dependent upon, and ciich helpl Ul anil neceu- to tlie other ; and the two united were the stay and flonport of Lbo communitv. Yi Btod in Scotland, as in •Umt ooontrice, from time imiui-moriul.

Do not assume Ihat just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States. On the death of Mr Kerr, the Town Council agreed to continue the gcntlemau in his use Jiil labours, and It is expected tiiat in a sliort tiuii; the entire documcnta in the record room will be jiropcrly arranged, and mnuy of their conteula published.

J have fur Tnany yeitis been a memberof tiio Guildry and Nine Trades Incorporation of Dnndee, and have frequently held hoiun'aiy officea in them. llie wealth and importance of Dundee during the sixteenth conturj- issliown by the Boyal taxes imposed upon the iloyal Burglisof tlic connlry during that period. U91~£10a 1 Ediobaigli, , i WB 8 £3,550 C» £39 15 Stirling, . • 50 12 e 151 17 6 1 3 8 IS ^1 Koth«Hy, SSIO G' 10 10 8 ^1 Dnmbuiun, . «G I3S 1 7 I « S ■ Damtil M, M 5 e 174 18 I 17 fl 1 IB ■ OIm Sdw, sr 10 202 10 2 4 3 10 ■ KJrkndbrkht, - 33 IS l Ot 9 10 1 m Wlgtoa. 33 15 101 B f) 10 10 33 15 101 6 Ifi 10 Abiif^esa, 31S n45 U s r 8 ^ Dauilcn, . H ^H Some of thn Bma Ucr Itojral Bui'ghs arc not included, as they ■ ^H iirere exempted oa the score of poverty. : — The Deane of Ouilii intimated that tlie ilesigii of this Conrt was to apj Kjint ye of Bce-bearers of whom they have tlie election for ye year ensuing. S6ors prcsrat accepted and gare their oath defeddi.

In my intercoui'ae with the members, fhe origin and h JKtory of t Jiese bodies were often the mibject of co Dvenation, but few knew anything of their formation or in- corporation, and little of their progreas in ancitnt times. The land tax or King's ccw and other taxes of u like nature were (wscesed by t Jie Convention of Koyal Uurglis. u from the Tariouti burghs, fixed tlio asseasment lu io D to tbc eupipused opulc Dco of the Rev«ral townit, and tb April, 1557, direct- ing litem to allocate among tbc Burgli:* £IO, Ol X), bi^ng tlmr proportion of an extent of X60,o5o . Tbe sllerationn of tbe tast roll, alterlt and reformitat Cowrnr, the pennit day of Februai, tb« zoir of God 1578, bo thd ot the sovme of site hnndrcth p UDi Ju money to be oollocht of tbe baill bnrrowcs of this rcalme ISOl. S8 8 6 et IK 17 9 1" Rwnfrvw - , 33 13 101 5 10 3 IS Bathnyloa, . 331 17 a 12H5 1 1 11 16 R 10 15 ■ Pfrth, 2*1 10 742 10 H 10 e 13 4 ■ Btstf, 23 10 R7 10 i:i 10 ■ Uuuriiriii Un O, . Tho ordor iu wliicli H ^H the hu T^hs nre given is tlic eviii Kj an in thi; Kwords of the Con- 1 ^H 1*0011011 for the aast^&meiit of 1535. 11 Ibe vran^ement of the burghs differs a Ut Ue in the Beoorda, but for oon¥etuenoe the eame order U here continued tlmiighoiit. The Court then proa-wkd to choose yr office-bearers, vizt.

Public domain books are our gateways lo the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. The Preaident or chief Msgistrato in the varions towns in Sootla Dd may at first have been called Sheriff or Mayor, and the Hccondariiw, 8hcrid-Depute» or Aldermen.

Marks, notations and other niaiginalia present in the original volume will appeal' in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from Ihe publisher to a library and finally lo you. To the intimate con- i Kctit Hi which lo D" exited between Scotland and France we owe ISTRODUCn OX.

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Many of the original documents belonging to the Corpora- tions, which I perused, are already, from various causes, almost illegible, are difficult to deciiiher, and anj gradually decay- ing and disappearing. The acts and statutes are therefore thoee of the greatest town, next to Edinburgh, which the country then contained, and this increaaea their importance and the interest they poesess among borgfalaw*. These headings are kept out, but the following copy of one presents the style in which they are oaoally framed : — Curia Capitalis burgi de Dundie tenta in pretorio ejusdem per hoaorabilem virum magrum Jacobum Halibur- ton Frepositum Andream Annand Robertum Kyd et G^eor^um Spading ballivea diet! In 1715 an action was miecd before the Court of Session to reduce the election of the Magistrates at Michaelmas, 1714, PBOCSIDCi OS.

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